About Donat Zamiara

Donat Zamiara is a musician born in Gniezno, Poland. He started his adventure with double bass at fifteen years old as a student at M. Karłowicz High School of Music, in the class of Professor Przemysław Rotengruber. Under his guidance, he received his first awards (Elbląg, Poland, 1997). He continued his education in I. J. Paderewski Academy of Music. In 2003 he graduated with distinction under the mentorship of Professor Piotr Czerwiński. As early as the year 2002, he landed a position at St. Moniuszko Wielki Theatre in Poznań. After three years, he got promoted and became a soloist and section leader. Simultaneously, he began working at the Music School of the 1st and 2nd Degree in Konin. In 2005 he secured a teaching position at Music School Complex in Poznań. In 2007 Donat Zamiara won 3rd Prize in National A. B. Ciechański Double Bass Competition. After four years, he obtained the 4th Prize in International S. Koussevitzky Double Bass Competition. All along, he broadens his knowledge and abilities under the supervision of Professor Arkadiusz Broniewski, the cello concertmaster of the Opera House in Poznań. In addition, during this time, he attended masterclasses conducted by Thierry Barbé, Cătălin Rotaru, Janusz Widzyk, Tadeusz Górny, Rinat Ibragimov, Eugeniusz Kołosow and Esra Gül. He received pedagogical training from renowned Professors such as Adam Kotula, Grzegorz Skórka and Jacek Kicman. In 2013 he landed a position as a Professor Assistant at his home university, obtained as a result of a won competition. Five years later, he received his doctoral degree. Donat Zamiara has been active on the concert stage for many years - as a soloist, accompanied by piano or orchestra. He had the privilege of performing with Wielki Theatre Orchestra conducted by Maestro Gabriel Chmura and I. J. Paderewski Academy of Music Chamber and Symphony Orchestra. In collaboration with Dominik Puk, a composer from Poznań, they arranged a premiere of Concert for Double Bass and Orchestra op. 12 by T. Z. Kassern, dedicated to a famous Polish double bass virtuoso Adam Bronisław Ciechański. As an educator, Donat Zamiara also fulfils himself as a teacher at Music School Complex in Gniezno. In 2019 he won a competition, receiving an Assistant Professor position at Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, which was a significant breakthrough in his musical and teaching career. The list of laureates at National Competitions that are Donat Zamiara’s students includes several names. Apart from that, the musician has been invited as a juror in national competitions, CEA auditions and as a lecturer in masterclasses. Donat Zamiara also personally organizes various courses, inviting prominent lecturers such as Dan Styffe, Thierry Barbé or Cătălin Rotaru.
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